Educators wear many hats!

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“All they do is play all day” (❗️play is significantly important!)  

“Your job is so easy! You get to play in the sand pit all day!” (if only? 😂) 

“It’s just like baby sitting!” (🙄)  

I have heard them all before! Let me tell you, I did not study for four years at University to learn how to babysit. So here’s a little food for thought for those who still don’t understand why Early Childhood Educators are always fighting to have their voices heard and be respected.   I studied English, maths, science and technology, history, PDHPE and Creative Arts for both Primary & Early Childhood ages. I studied multiliteracies, society and environment, Aboriginal education, policies and issues, diversity and inclusion and more! I engage in professional development courses often, to ensure I provide the most up to date, best quality care and environment for the children.   I studied an abundance of Theorists in order to understand a child’s development.   

I studied linguistics but I’m not a speech pathologist.   

I studied psychology to learn about behaviour and emotions, how to support and understand them, but I’m not a psychologist.   

I studied nutrition and safe food handling but I’m not a nutritionist.   

I studied special education but I’m not a disability support worker.   

I plan an abundance of events throughout the year, but I’m not an event planner.   

I design many spaces and experiences, set ups and costumes, but I’m not a designer.   

I do a child protection course 2 yearly to identify a child at risk of physical abuse, neglect, sexual abuse, psychological harm or if I have concerns for the carers health and wellbeing. I’m not a social worker or welfare officer.   

I do my first aid and CPR training, medication forms, medical management plans, incident/illness/injury forms, but I’m not a nurse.   

I may not be a psychologist, speech pathologist, nutritionist, event planner, designer, nurse or social worker but - I AM AN EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATOR WHO WEARS MANY HATS ✨ WHAT I DO MATTERS ✨ I AM GUIDING THE CHILDREN OF THE FUTURE ✨ I AM MUCH MORE THAN A BABY SITTER ✨  

Our days consist of so much more than playing, feeding, changing and rest time (repeat). We don’t just wipe tears and noses, tie shoe laces, read stories and sing. We don’t just create amazing learning experiences, extend on children’s interests, development, skills and knowledge. We don’t just help a child achieve a milestone. We don’t just clean and sanitise all day. We don’t just teach children how to read, write and count. We don’t just teach children about sustainable practices and looking after the environment. We don’t just teach children to listen, share, be kind and show respect. We don’t just teach children about diversity and culture. We don’t just post photos and learning stories. We don’t just do paper work. We don’t just do art. We don’t work 9-5, we work overtime and take our work home. We do it all and SO MUCH MORE!   

A shoutout to fellow early childhood educators - I see you, I hear you, I stand with you xxx Artwork - bored teachers   

Written by - Coby-Lea White

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